A Dialogue about CAA…

Dialogue between anti-CAA protesters group (A) and a neutral group (Well, anybody questioning anti-CAA will be accused of being pro-CAA, and not neutral; so it will be ‘pro-CAA group’ (P) ):-

A: Modi has brought an anti-Muslim law called CAA!!
P: What?! Wait, who said it’s anti-Muslim?

A: We heard that some of our Mullahs said that Modi is trying to drive Muslims out of India!
P: Nonsense! CAA is not against any Indian citizen! It is an one-time Act giving citizenship to persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who came here before 31.12.2014. Those Mullahs have misguided you people. Here, read the Act!

A: Look here, they are excluding Muslims from persecuted minorities! It discriminates against Muslims!
P: What?! Those are Islamic countries. How can Muslims be a persecuted minority there?!

A: What about sects like Ahmadiyas in Pakistan?
P: Ahmadiyas were one of first groups who voted for Partition and creation of Pakistan. They may now be persecuted in Pakistan, but how can we be sure that they are not united with the rest of Pakistan in their anti-India sentiments? If we let them in, is it not a risk to our internal security, even our nation’s integrity? How can we give blanket citizenship to them as a group? Of course, individual Muslims who have been persecuted in those countries can apply for citizenship and have been given the same in the past. Notable examples such as Tarek Fatah and Taslima Nasreen were offered citizenship…

A: Well, what about Rohinghyas from Burma?
P: Rohinghyas have openly stated they want to go only to Pakistan. But they are such a violent group that even Pakistan or Bangladesh don’t want them. Moreover, they hate Hindus and have a history of slaughtering Hindus in Burma. Again, how can we be sure of their allegiance to India, if we grant them citizenship as a group? Wait a minute, you are supporting dangerous Islamic radicals; you are placing foreign Muslim interests above nation’s interests! Does that not make you non-secular??

A: (Ignores the question) CAA violates Article 14 of our Constitution!
P: Article 14 mandates equality only within equals. If there is oppression of a particular group, our Constitution rightly states that such a group can be positively discriminated. That is how erstwhile oppressed Dalits are being given reservation. Likewise, persecuted non-Muslims from these Muslim countries can also be positively discriminated. Thus, there is no violation of Article 14.

A: No, I won’t accept that!
P: You are not accepting what our Constitution allows?! Does that not make you un-Constitutional?

A: But, you cannot discriminate immigrants / asylum seekers on the basis of religion!
P: A sovereign nation has obligation of equality to its citizens only. As for immigrants / asylum seekers, a nation is obliged to provide humanitarian aid, of course. But, what criteria it uses to provide citizenship to them is entirely its prerogative. That criterion can be social, economic, religious, ethnic or whatever, depending on the nation’s history, its geo-political milieu, its socioeconomic condition etc. For example, US uses economic criteria to discourage illegal Mexican immigrants. Moreover, US also has Lautenberg Amendment in its Citizenship laws, where it positively discriminates based on religion. Viewed from such perspectives, India is surrounded by hostile Islamic countries, who actually broke away from India, who want to break India further and who have a proven track record of persecution of their non-Muslim minorities. Thus, India has every right to positively discriminate such persecuted minorities, and that too, those who are already here.

A: It is not only CAA. There is this NRC using which fascist Modi will drive all Muslims out of India!
P: Nonsense! First, there is no connection between CAA and NRC. Also, there is no definite date for a nation-wide NRC. The details are not even worked-out yet. You people are fear-mongering on something that doesn’t even exist! Nevertheless, let me show that, in principle, NRC is essential for our country. The purpose of NRC is to know who is really an Indian citizen and who is an illegal immigrant. Note again that no Indian citizen will be affected by NRC. Many years ago, even the Congress-led UPA II government conceded that there were about 2 crores of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India! Now the number must be even higher – sources say there must be about 4 – 5 crores illegal immigrants in India at present! Though most of these illegal immigrants are here for economic reasons, there are intelligence reports indicating that Pakistani terrorists, ISI agents, ISIS fundamentalists etc have also infiltrated the country; since, India-Pakistan border is fairly tight, they are either coming in through a porous Bangladesh border or slipping in through our vast coastline, especially the west coast. Don’t we want to know who belongs to this country, who is illegally taking away all our resources and jobs, and most importantly, who is working against the sovereignty and integrity of our country?! Every nation has a right to know who are all its actual citizens, no? Even Pakistan and Bangladesh have a register of its citizens!! If poor countries like them can work out a way to find who their citizens are, then why can’t we do it? If they can show papers and documents to prove their citizenship, then why can’t we? Why are you people saying that you will not show papers? What are you trying to hide??

A: (Ignores questions) Modi is against Muslims! Triple Talaq law, Abrogation of Article 370, Ayodhya verdict – all coming one after other. And now, this! All these measures are anti-Muslim!!
P: I thought that this debate is only about CAA. Never mind. Let us proceed along this line, as you wish.

Ayodhya verdict is not Modi’s. It was a long-pending Supreme Court judgement given after exhaustively hearing arguments from both sides, examining all available evidence, considering all Constitutional provisions etc. The judgement had to be given before SC Chief Justice’s retirement; hence it had to be given in early November 2019. Wait a minute! If you are protesting against a SC judgment, does that not make you anti-Judiciary? Moreover, why didn’t you protest then? Why did Sunni Waqf Board withdraw the Review Petition?

A: (Ignores question again) What about Abrogation of Article 370? There must have been a plebiscite and Kashmiri people’s voices should have been heard…
P: Article 370 was a temporary provision in the Constitution. It should have been abrogated long time ago. It was recently abrogated according to proper Constitutional rules. The need for plebiscite disappeared long ago when Pakistan started inciting separatism in Kashmir and when Kashmiri Pandits were driven away from their homes. Wait a minute! You are Indians and you don’t think that Kashmir is a part of our country??

A: (Ignores the question again) There was Triple Talaq before that…
P: Supreme Court had recommended abolition of Triple Talaq through a law way back in 2017! So, a law banning Triple Talaq was long overdue. Do you want to know which other countries which have already banned Triple Talaq? – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia etc!! So, India can’t ban this out-dated practice?

BTW, it is because you are putting your religion above your nation, your Constitution and your Judiciary, you are developing a sense of paranoia that TT, 370 Abrogation, Ayodhya verdict are happening against you, one after the other. If you are really secular, you will then clearly see the underlying situations behind each of these events, realise that these events are in no way related to each other and will not have such a sense of victimhood!

A: It’s not only these things! We just hate Modi so much! We cannot accept him as our Prime Minister!
P: Modi was elected democratically with one of the largest mandates in Indian democratic history. In democracy, sometimes one’s choice of candidate does not always win an election. But one has to accept majority’s will – that is the essence of democracy. If you cannot accept Modi as PM and if you want to undermine him through undemocratic means, does it not mean you have no respect for democracy? Not only that, I suspect that you people also have pathological hatred for those people who voted for Modi for a second term!

Wait a minute! I just realised the following:  It is you guys who have been harping that Modi and his supporters hate Muslims to the core, and that they must to give up such hatred. Going by the above discussion, neither CAA nor Triple Talaq / Article 370 Abrogation / Ayodhya verdict, issues on which you are all protesting, have happened out of any hatred towards Muslims. It has just dawned on me that it is you people who have real hatred towards Modi & Co, based on the imaginary hatred you think they have towards you! It is you guys who are practising politics of hatred and it you guys who must really give up hatred!

A: What?! Don’t we have a right to protest?
P: Of course, you do! But you should take police permission, you should not cause disruption to public life etc. Did you comply with these laws? You are blocking a major road since third week of December, causing untold hardships to lakhs of fellow Indians. Then, can I presume you have no respect for law? From all of the above discussion, it appears that your actions are non-secular, un-Constitutional, anti-Judiciary, un-democratic. On top of all this, your so-called protest is based on a blatant lie!! Soon after CAA, your protests included arson and violence.Then, after seeing the negative image it created, you people changed colours, and started holding national flags, singing National Anthem, reading Constitution etc! But, as explained above, all your actions so far have proven that you don’t really respect these things! Wonder who is really orchestrating and directing you people. All of this so-called anti-CAA protest appears to be a drama with a sinister plot, and not really a valid protest. Should a protest not be based on some merit at least?

A: How dare you! You Communal, Intolerant, Bhakt, Sanghi, Fascist, Supremacist, Nazi!
P: Call me what you want. Let me tell you what actually is true. Anti-CAA protest is not about CAA. It is part of a sinister agenda, instigated and funded by transnational anti-India forces (in Pakistan, China, Middle-East, some Western govts & agencies etc), who are hell-bent on breaking-up India, or at least, on creating another Partition. Do you want to know why these anti-India forces are instigating so much protests against a non-extant NRC? Because, these forces are quietly abetting illegal immigration and resettling them in specific hot-spots of India.

For example, the population of Malappuram in North Kerala grew by a whopping 44% from 2015 to 2020, making it the fastest growing city in the world! According to 2011 census, Muslims constituted about 70% of Malappuram population. While the average recent growth rate of Kerala is the lowest in the country at 4.6%, Malappuram grew at 13.4%! Now, you connect the dots, infer what the proportion of Muslims in Malappuram is likely to be now and conclude whether the phenomenal population growth rate is purely due to increased fertility rate or more due to resettlement.

The plot of anti-India forces is to alter the demographics of such vulnerable regions, with a view to influencing elections! Thus, they are using democracy itself to subvert democracy! It is painful to note that some political parties in India have shamelessly resorted to vote-bank politics of using these illegal immigrants, and have even given them Voter IDs!! It is precisely such qualities of greed, selfishness, placing parochial interests above nation’s security etc that had resulted in the invasion, subjugation, colonisation and mutilation of Mother India in the past!

As I mentioned above, a more worrying thing about resettlement of illegal immigrants is that some them could well be Pakistani terrorists, ISI agents, ISIS fundamentalists etc who have mingled and disappeared within these Muslim populations. Any attempt by the Government of India to track these anti-national elements is likely to thwarted by anti-India forces, by instigating innocent Muslims and using them as human shields – precisely the strategy they are using in the present CAA protests! Their long-term idea is to create Kashmir-like parts within India. And these regions will be instigated and funded for more violent secessionist movements! These anti-India forces are appalled that a NRC will thwart all their meticulously laid-out long-term plans, because that will be the only way to identify such anti-national elements! It’s a shame that, as Indians, you people sold yourselves out to baseless fear-mongering and hate-mongering instigated by these forces. It is even more shameful that some Indian political parties are tacitly supporting such vile actions, knowing fully well the motive behind the nefarious designs of anti-India forces, for fear of losing their vote-bank of illegal immigrants!! Knowing all this, if you still insist on being a part of this wicked campaign, can I not presume that you are, knowingly and willingly, a party to another mutilation of Mother India? And, will such a diabolical scheme ever be tolerated in countries like the UK or the US?

A: @#~$&!
P: As you wish… But please use facts, logic and reason before judging, instead of getting carried away by a hijacked narrative. And soon, we will have another dialogue on Delhi riots…

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